E - Cloths

Home Cleaning Set - $39.99
For every room in the house - everything for Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Window cleaning, Stainless Steel Cleaning.  Includes a cloth for all types of hard surfaces such as stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, quartz, tile & wood
Window Cleaning Set - $14.99
Window Cloth (light green) - use damp. For a thorough clean to remove all dirt, finger prints, grease and water spots from the outside or inside of windows and all other hard surfaces, including all types of window and door frames and window sills, use the cloth wet with warm/hot water - the hotter the better! We suggest a bucket, wet and wring out the cloth before use. Finish by drying the surface with a dry Glass & Polishing Cloth (dark green).
Kitchen Pack - $14.99
Includes one (1) 12.5"x12.5" Kitchen Cloth and one (1)20"x16" Glass & Polishing Cloth
Kitchen cloth fibers attract moisture and oil and trapping dirt/grease/grime and proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces with just water.  The unique non-scratching scrubbing pocket quickly and safely removes hardened messes using just water.  For all surfaces.
Range and Stove Pack - $14.99
Blue scrubbing stripes that remove stubborn grime and stains – Wet cloth thoroughly, wring out all excess water, fold and use as a pad. Use e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth to dry and polish surface.
Stainless Steel Pack - $14.99
For polished stainless steel, spray surface with water and wipe with a dry, folded Stainless Steel Cloth. Use Finishing Cloth to dry and polish surface.
For brushed stainless steel, wet cloth thoroughly, wring out excess water, fold and clean with the toughened stripes side. Use Finishing Cloth to dry and polish surface.